Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Juicy Goodness

We've been juicing every day & are enjoying the benefits of raw food.
Here's what we've been having so far...

Pineapple, apple, celery, purple sprouting, orange, lemon  & basil.

Beetroot, apples, clementines & turmeric.

Carrots, apples, celery, cucumber, lemon & turmeric.

Spinach, pineapple, apples, pak choi, cucumber, lemon, coriander & ginger.

Spinach, celery, courgettes, cucumber, pineapple, apples & lemon.

Wonderful stuff!

We are eating pretty much the same every day - porridge for breakfast, then a juice with fruit & nuts for lunch & a cooked dinner each evening.

We are feeling really good for it too!

Kay & Sime 

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Green Zing

We made this juice this morning & took it out packed in ice to have between jobs...
It gave us a great energy boost!

We used: 4 apples, 1/2 pineapple, half a lemon, 1 inch knob of ginger, half a cucumber, 4 sticks of celery & several leaves of pak choi.

This made 1 litre of juice & it tasted like a zingy sherbet!

Kay & Sime

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead

Have you seen this inspirational film?

If you can't see the film above try this link: Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead.

We often go through phases of juicing & love them - the greener, the better! 

This film is proof again that our food choices really do make a difference to our health.

Now the weather is picking up - it's a good time to reboot, so we'll be dusting off the juicer & giving ourselves a spring clean.

Watch this space for some our favourite juice recipes.

Kay & Sime

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Roasted Vegetable and Butter Bean Soup

Soup is a great way to use up leftover veggies from our veg box.
And when we want to keep things simple - we stick it all in the oven to roast...

Today's includes a whole squash, a bulb of garlic, carrots, leeks & ginger.

We then blended it with 2 teaspoons of smoked paprika, a sprinkle of black pepper, a handful of fresh parsley & a dollop of  miso dissolved in a jug of hot water. 

We then added a tin of butter beans & warmed it all through.


Kay & Sime

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Mother's Day With Bebe

We visited Bebe this afternoon with Hugo.

She very often talks about being a prisoner in the care home & wanting to get out, but of course - in reality, she wouldn't know where to go or what to do!

The staff said she'd been in a good mood earlier, so this was just for our benefit.

Kay & Sime

Taking Responsibility

We have finally finished emptying Bebe's flat. 
The keys have been handed in, the sale is going through - we've met with the estate agent, the solicitor, the new owner & said goodbye.
Bebe was never into clutter, her home was always spotless & free of stuff, but when it came to clearing it out - it was still hard work!

This is another reason why for us it is increasingly important to free ourselves of our own stuff... The thought of leaving all of it behind for the kidlets to sort out in years to come feels selfish, especially knowing what a nightmare it has been for us. No parent wants to become a burden to their kids, but it happens. We plan on leaving very little in the way of possessions, so when the end comes - the clear out will be a breeze!

At least Bebe is still alive...
 Many middle aged kids are left with property to clear & not only is it difficult to organise around their own family & work, but they are dealing with their grief too. 

Caring for Bebe over the last 10 years has been a real hard slog, especially for Sime - being her only child has been tough. All the phone calls, the meetings, appointments, care packages & the care - all of it has needed hours & hours of mainly Sime's time & patience. Bebe is very lucky.

We closed the door on a flat which has been in the family for over 50 years, the income from the sale will just about cover 2 years of care & when it runs out... Who knows? 

For now, she is safe & we are free to get on with our lives. 

Which is why we spiced up our road trip to Stoke. 
After stopping overnight to see Dr John from New Orleans perform in Bristol & catching up with Sal, Ryan & friends from Canada, we decided to avoid the motorway & just see what happened... 
We came across a jumbo jet graveyard, an overgrown Roman amphitheatre, a fantastic Roman villa with mosaic flooring & we ate curry in the Venice of the Cotswolds. We stayed in a small studio outside of Stoke for a change, so we could make our own food - it was perfect!
On the way home, we breakfasted on Staffordshire oatcakes in Hanchurch hills, had a lunch of spinach bhajis & vegetable samosas in Ludlow, pizza for dinner in Monmouth & finished off with a soya milk hot chocolate in Exeter... Great fun!  

Kay & Sime

Wednesday, 4 March 2015


An inspiring talk by this lovely French Buddhist monk, Matthieu Ricard.


Kay & Sime

Monday, 2 March 2015

Lights Out!

Just 4 weeks to go until this year's Earth Hour.

Here's the link to join in: Sign Up For Earth Hour.

We'll have friends staying, so a candlelit meal will definitely be on the cards...

What do you have planned?

Kay & Sime

Friday, 27 February 2015

Living Without Money

               We came across Heidemarie Schwermer recently, she is a German woman in her 70s who back in 1994 created a Gib und Nimm (Give and Take) sort of swap shop/LETS scheme. Two years later, she decided to give up her job, apartment & possessions to try out a life without money & continues to enjoy her fascinating & inspirational journey.  

Here's a link to a film all about Heidemarie: LIVING WITHOUT MONEY.
Please take time to watch it as it really is an interesting film.

It has made us think more about where we are right now...
 We are in the process of decluttering our home & it feels great, very soon we will have so much space as we free ourselves of furniture, books, etc.
We have toyed with the idea of starting up the B&B again, but both feel it's really too much pressure. Instead we are thinking about welcoming people into our home with the Give and Take principles in mind - helping each other, learning & connecting. It will be flexible, not a regular volunteer post of 5 days hard work in return for food & lodgings, but more about sharing tasks & ideas, enjoying each other's company.
We have this large house & have loved sharing it with family, friends & guests...
It would feel wrong not to continue sharing it while we remain here & what better way than with like-minded people.

No exchanging of money, just a commitment to having good times!

Who's in?

Kay & Sime

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Ralph The Mandola Man

This lovely chap has died...
Well known in Cornwall, Ralph entertained the shoppers of Truro for many years.
Sal's partner, Ryan took this beautiful photo back in 2007 & we wanted to share.
If you'd like to see why Ralph was so popular - watch this great short film: Eighty Eight. You'll be glad you did!

Kay & Sime

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Ups And Downs

We have been busy sorting through all the stuff on our laptop & have found these 2 videos of Bebe taken in November... 

A lot of what she's saying in this first video is make believe, but it just shows how she can somehow be totally convincing & is quite a storyteller!

This is just a few days later, but you can see how low she would get & how irritated we were feeling too.

These are just small examples of what life was like towards the end of her time with us.
Her manic high moments would sometimes go on for hours, talking & singing non-stop. Eight hours was the longest stint, which was on her last night here. As her behaviour escalated, so did her voice - she became louder, full of aggression & threats, in the end we called for a doctor. She finally quietened down at around 1:00am with sedation, but had been on the go since before 5:00pm. 
During her restless periods she was like a tired out toddler getting her second wind. Sometimes she would run from room to room, pile all the cushions up on the sofa & try to climb on top, demand food & drinks in the early hours, desperately try to find the front door key to get out in the night & even attempted to phone the police to tell them we'd kidnapped her. In Bebe's last few days here she managed to climb over the barrier (which was like a stair gate) at the top of the stairs during the night & finally she completely smashed it to pieces. 

As time was going on, we were getting more & more exhausted, falling into deep sleeps between being disturbed in the night - leaving Bebe to get up to all sorts. Fear was (& still is) a big problem for her, most nights she was convinced she would be attacked & didn't want to be left alone. Fear in people with dementia is common, a lack of understanding causes them to panic & eventually the adrenalin kicks in. Their 'fight or flight' instinct takes over & this is what would happen to Bebe most nights - often she armed herself with various weapons (coat hangers, broom, walking stick), she would either barricade her bedroom door or attempt to break out of the house! She can go for days without any sleep at all, but being in the care home now means there are night staff to sit up with -something we couldn't do...

Dementia is much more than memory loss, Bebe's behaviour is certainly complex & with nearly 36 million people worldwide now suffering from the disease - it really does make us wonder how on earth others are coping, especially if they are not receiving the support we had. 

We have gone through periods over the last few months of regret in taking Bebe on. We thought it had been pointless - she wasn't happy most of the time, so why had we bothered? Were we foolish in believing we'd have an impact on her life? Then when we visited her yesterday, we were pleasantly surprised to hear her mention that she remembered living with us! We truly thought she'd have no recollection, but she does... 

 Perhaps we did make a little difference in the end!

Kay & Sime